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Our Brand

How We Started

 Hi! I'm Sophie the owner of Green Meadow Skincare. Owning a business had always been a goal of mine and in May of 2020 I finally made it a reality!
My soap obsession started in the winter of 2019 when I made some melt and pour soaps as gifts. I loved making them and decided to look further into it. I discovered cold processed soap and made a few bars that I gave to my friends and family. When they all asked where they could buy more and I realized that this could be a business!
I did lots of research and planning and in June of 2020 we were selling a a local farmers market. I gained so may loyal customers and by October I had enough money saved to launch my website! I've met so many amazing people since then and even had my soaps displayed in a few stores!

 Our Mission

At Green Meadow Skincare, we work hard everyday to preserve the environment while still delivering high quality products. We regularly update our packaging to give our customers the best low waste experience possible.
We also work hard to support other small businesses.  By 2023 we hope to have 90% of our raw materials and packing supplies come from women owned businesses. Join us in our mission!

Our Studio

I'm a strong believer in the idea of separating work from home, so finding a space for my growing business was very important for me. (It also didn't help that my soap supplies had quickly taken over every available counter space) We live on an old farm with lots of different out buildings, all of which were in use except for the summer kitchen. I had always wanted to make it into something cool so this seemed like the perfect opportunity!
We spent the summer of 2020 renovating the inside from a dark and bare wooden room full of spider webs, to a warm and inviting cottage! We kept as many of the original features as possible like the wavy glass windows, wooden floors, and large brick fireplace. We painted the outside a bright green with a red door (a color combination I never thought I would like until now) and I couldn't be happier with the final product!
The summer kitchen or soap kitchen as I call it has become such a huge part of our brand and I wanted a way to incorporate that into name. Our farm is named Green Meadow so naming my business Green Meadow Skincare just seemed like the perfect fit!